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Human iPSC derived neural co-cultures

Fluorcyte is a side project by Wilson Adams, a senior graduate student biomedical engineering researching advanced microscopy and neuroscience (Site | Twitter) at Vanderbilt University. When not doing research related stuff, he's usually watching sports, cycling, playing old gamecube games, making/drinking beer with friends, or hanging out with my awesome wife and two needy cats. 

The site is an outlet for science-inspired graphic design, while trying to promote scientific awareness, open science practices, and work-life balance in the biomedical research community. 

The mission of Fluorcyte is to partner with the STEAM workforce globally to accomplish the above goals in a sustainable manner. This involves bringing awareness to useful resources, aiding in brand and community building, investing parts of our profits from sales into maintaining open-source resources, and having some fun along the way.

By bringing visually stimulating science-inspired graphic design and apparel to the public, I believe we as a community can positively shift the public opinion on science, our workforce, and our perceived economic importance around the world.